Top 10 Free Share Market Telegram Channels India 🇮🇳 📈

Looking for the best share market tips Telegram channels? In this post, we’re about to unveil the 10 best Telegram channels for Indian share market, with links to join them directly.

Unlike other random sites, we have meticulously researched and tested these channels, sifting through hundreds of options to bring you the cream of the crop.

Whether you’re into day trading, long-term investing, or just want to stay informed, these share market Telegram groups and channels are your go-to source for Indian stock market news and tips.

Best Telegram Channels For Indian Share Market

Channel NameChannel Link
1. NRJ
2. Stock Market
3. Finroot Option
4. Power of
5. Ghanshyam Tech
6. Stock Market News
7. Valuerupee- SUNIL
8. Stocktwits India 🇮🇳
9. Stock
10. Minish Patel
List of best share market Telegram channels in India

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1. NRJ Finance

Channel Link ↗️

NRJ Finance is your trusted companion in the diverse landscape of investments. Whether you’re seeking short-term gains or nurturing long-term portfolios, this channel provides a daily dose of handpicked investment ideas tailored to every taste.

From the adrenaline-fueled world of positional trading to the patient art of long-term investing, NRJ Finance caters to all. Offering a blend of insights and real-time updates, it keeps you well-informed and engaged. With NRJ Finance, your investment journey becomes more dynamic and knowledge-driven.

Key Features

  • Daily Investment Ideas: Receive handpicked investment ideas tailored to your preferences every day.
  • Versatility in Investment Styles: From fast-paced positional trading to long-term investments, catering to a wide range of trading styles.
  • Insights and Updates: Stay well-informed and engaged with a mix of insightful analysis and real-time market updates.

2. Stock Market Updates

Channel Link ↗️

Elevate your financial acumen with Stock Market Updates. This channel isn’t just about delivering the latest news; it’s a comprehensive platform for refining your market expertise. Immerse yourself in global financial news and time-tested suggestions.

Join live trading sessions that demystify trading strategies, while high-precision advice keeps you in the loop. Whether you’re an aspiring trader or a seasoned investor, Stock Market Updates serves as your unwavering compass for navigating the vast and ever-changing financial universe.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Financial News: Get access to the latest global financial news and insights.
  • Live Trading Sessions: Participate in live trading sessions to refine your trading skills and strategies.
  • High Accuracy Advice: Receive precise and reliable advice to keep you informed and ahead in the market.

3. Finroot Option Strategies

Channel Link ↗️

Finroot is the ultimate destination for those looking to master options trading. From laying the groundwork with basic concepts to diving into advanced strategies, this channel has you covered.

Explore chart analysis, technical analysis, and more to make informed decisions in the world of options trading. It’s your comprehensive resource to unravel the complexities of options trading step by step.

Key Features

  • Options Trading Mastery: Learn the nuances of options trading, from fundamentals to advanced strategies.
  • Technical Analysis Focus: Gain expertise in chart analysis and technical analysis for informed decision-making.
  • Complete Learning Resource: A one-stop destination for comprehensive options trading education.

4. Power of Technicals

Channel Link ↗️

Power of Technicals takes you on a journey beyond stock calls. Here, you’ll empower yourself with the art of technical analysis, enabling you to decipher charts and execute precise and profitable trades.

Gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics and enhance your trading skills with the invaluable insights and knowledge shared on this channel.

Key Features

  • Beyond Stock Calls: Dive deep into the world of technical analysis to read charts and make profitable trades.
  • Skill Enhancement: Improve your trading skills and develop a deeper understanding of market dynamics.
  • Invaluable Knowledge: Access a wealth of knowledge and insights to enhance your trading acumen.

5. Ghanshyam Tech Analysis

Channel Link ↗️

Despite not holding SEBI registration, Ghanshyam Tech Analysis offers an exceptional opportunity to learn the intricacies of stock market trading. In addition to their Telegram channel, you can also explore their YouTube channel for comprehensive tutorials.

Ghanshyam Tech Analysis serves as an educational hub, equipping you with the know-how needed to navigate the complexities of stock trading effectively. It’s your gateway to acquiring expertise in the world of stock market analysis and trading strategies.

Key Features

  • Informative Telegram Channel: Explore valuable insights and tips on stock market trading.
  • Supplementary YouTube Channel: Access detailed tutorials and in-depth analysis on their YouTube channel.
  • Learning Opportunity: Despite not being SEBI-registered, it offers educational resources to empower your trading journey.

6. Stock Market News Live

Channel Link ↗️

Immerse yourself in the pulse of financial markets with Stock Market News Live. This channel isn’t just about reporting the news; it’s about experiencing the market’s heartbeat in real-time.

Stay updated on breaking financial developments, market trends, and global events that shape your investment decisions.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Financial Updates: Receive instant updates on market-moving news and events as they happen.
  • In-Depth Market Analysis: Access comprehensive analyses that help you understand the impact of news on various assets.
  • Timely Insights: Stay ahead of the curve with timely information that empowers your investment strategies.

7. ValueRupee by Sunil Behki

Channel Link ↗️

ValueRupee by Sunil Behki is where the wisdom of SEBI registration meets the finesse of trading. Dive into the world of swing trading, gain intraday insights, and receive valuable free advice.

With an experienced trader at the helm, this channel is your gateway to navigating the intricacies of the market. It’s not just about stock tips; it’s a journey towards informed decisions and calculated gains.

Key Features

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of a seasoned trader, Sunil Behki, for insightful trading strategies.
  • Swing Trading Insights: Explore swing trading techniques and intraday strategies to enhance your trading skills.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Receive knowledge-backed advice to make calculated and profitable investment decisions.

8. StockWits India

Channel Link ↗️

Stocktwits India is the vibrant beating heart of a trading community. Specializing in BankNifty options trading, this channel offers daily doses of options tips, complete with stop-loss, targets, and an impressive accuracy rateall for free.

With a presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, Stocktwits India’s reach is unmatched. Low capital requirements, abundant trading ideas, and a dedicated market watchlist make it your passport to a more informed trading journey.

Key Features

  • Options Trading Expertise: Gain expertise in BankNifty options trading with daily tips and insights.
  • Multichannel Presence: Access market insights and trading tips across various social media platforms.
  • Comprehensive Market Watchlist: Stay informed with a curated watchlist of assets and market updates.

9. Stock Phoenix

Channel Link ↗️

Stock Phoenix believes in the magic of shared knowledge. They offer live webinars that decode the complexities of the stock market, covering everything from cash intraday to forex trading.

With a foundation in both fundamental and technical analysis, Stock Phoenix provides management techniques and unique strategies promising consistent returns. It’s not just about trading; it’s about evolving as an informed, successful trader.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Webinars: Join live webinars that cover various aspects of trading, from intraday to forex.
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis: Learn strategies based on both fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Evolving as a Trader: Gain insights and knowledge that empower you to become a successful trader.

10. Minish Patel 3MP

Channel Link ↗️

With an impressive 27 years of experience, Minish Patel 3MP is your guru for all things stock market. This channel serves authenticated knowledge, insightful tips, and educational content with a commitment to sharing wisdom without paid services.

Offering free intraday calls and a unique account opening offer for maximum calls, it’s a standout choice. Regular market updates and a mobile app for continuous learning sweeten the deal.

Key Features

  • Wealth of Experience: Benefit from the wisdom of a research analyst with 27 years of market experience.
  • Educational Content: Access insightful tips and educational content to enhance your trading skills.
  • Free Intraday Calls: Receive free intraday trading calls and a special account opening offer for maximum value.


These 10 Share Market Telegram Channels for 2023, meticulously curated and tested, are your compass to navigate the intricate landscape of investments.

Whether you prefer NRJ Finance’s diverse investment ideas, Stock Market News Live’s real-time updates, or the expert insights of Valuerupee by Sunil Behki, these channels offer something for every investor. Stocktwits India and Minish Patel 3MP provide thriving communities and unparalleled market wisdom.

With these resources at your disposal, you are well-equipped to navigate the markets confidently and skillfully. It’s time to seize your financial opportunities!

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