17 Free Telegram Channels For Stock Market Trading [Best of 2022]

List of best Telegarm channels for stock market trading India

There’s no doubt that joining stock market telegram channels/groups is a great way to get free stock trading tips, calls, and news.

But finding the authentic and best telegram channels for the stock market can be hard! Most stock advisors on Telegram focus on filling their pockets rather than providing value to their subscribers.

That’s why I have put together a complete list of:

Top 7 Telegram Channels for Stock Trading India [100% Free]

If you’re searching for totally free channels for trading, your search ends here.

Being totally free of cost, the below-listed channels are run by passionate industry experts that focus on providing quality trading advice and knowledge to their audience.

Channel Name Key Features Channel Link
1. Nrj Finance– Intraday calls
– Positional calls
– Video guides
– Chart analysis
View Channel
2. Finroot– BTST calls
– Options strategies
– Chart analysis
View Channel
3. Minish Patel Wealth– SEBI registered
– F&O
– Bank Nifty calls
View Channel
4. Ghanshyam Tech– Market analysis
– Stock news
– BankNifty analysis
– Video guides
View Channel
5. Trade Paradise 🌻– Free intraday tips
– BTST calls
– Stock analysis
View Channel
6. Stock Phoenix– Trading course
– Free webinars
– Video guides
View Channel
7. Vijay wealth advisor– Stock options
– BankNifty options
View Channel
List of best stock market Telegram groups

Best Intraday Trading Telegram Channels

Day trading is risky, isn’t it? Yes, if done without proper knowledge or advice.

But if done right, intraday trading can result in decent profits within the short term.

Pro tip: You can convert your Margin Intraday Square Off (MIS) trades into Cash and Carry (CNC) trades, so you can hold the securities if something goes wrong.

So let’s have a look at some best intraday tips providers in India that provide free intraday calls on Telegram:

Channel NameKey FeaturesChannel Link
1. Stock Market Ninjas– Stock experts
– Chart analysis
– Discussion group
View Channel
2. Flash Stock 🎯– Free intraday calls
– BTST trading
– Stock analysis
View Channel
3. Vijay Wealth Positional– Short-term trading
– Positional trades
View Channel
4. Booming Bulls Intraday– 1 or 2 calls daily
– 100% free
– NSE intraday
View Channel
5. BTST Stocks– Only BTST trades
– Free intraday tips
View Channel
Free Telegram Groups for Intraday Trading Tips

Best Options Trading Telegram Channels

Options trading is meant for hedging, but retail traders often do it to earn huge profits or double their money within days.

If that’s what you want too, then the options trading is not for you! But if you can follow expert advice with discipline, then options and banknifty trading can help you earn decent profits.

Here are some of the best Telegram channels for free banknifty and options calls:

Channel NameKey FeaturesChannel Link
1. Free Banknifty & Stock Calls– Free group
– 2-3 calls daily
– Multiple experts
View Channel
2. OptionsTraders– Index options
– 100% Free
View Channel
3. FNO Advisory– 100% free
– 1-2 calls daily
View Channel
4. BankNifty Traders– Stock Options
– Bank Nifty Calls
View Channel
5. TRADER’S SPOT1-2 free tips dailyView Channel
Best Telegram channels for bank nifty and stock options

SEBI Registered Telegram Channels

There is a small number of SEBI registered research analysts on Telegram. But hopefully, some renowned and expert SEBI registered advisors actively share their expertise with traders.

Have a look at some of my hand-picked best Telegram channels by SEBI registered advisors:

Channel NameKey FeaturesChannel Link
1. Minish Patel Wealth– Intraday calls
– Options calls
– BTST trades
View Channel
2. Eqwires Research– Trade Updates
– Paid Services
View Channel
3. FIS Trade– Stock advice
– Paid services
View Channel
4. CapitalVia– Stock news
– Industry updates
View Channel
5. Equity99– Market Updates
– Stock Analysis
View Channel
Best SEBI registered research analysts on Telegram

I hope I was able to help you find the best Telegram channels for the stock market to improve your trading journey.

Note: Channels listed in this post are just for educational purposes only. Please take advice from your financial advisor before making any trade.

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