21+ Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market India 📈 [2024]

There’s no doubt that joining stock market telegram channels/groups is a great way to get free stock market updates, trading tips and tricks, and calls with high accuracy.

But it is too vigorous to find a genuine and best telegram channel for the stock market. Most stock advisors on Telegram focus on filling their pockets rather than providing value to their subscribers.

No worries! We have researched hundreds of channels to put together the authentic and best share market Telegram channels for you!

List of Free & Best Stock Market Telegram Channels

Channel NameChannel Link
1. Stock Market UpdatesJoin Channel
2. Stock market news liveJoin Channel
3. Stocktwits IndiaJoin Channel
4. CapitalVia – StocksJoin Channel
5. NRJ FinanceJoin Channel
6. Vijay Wealth Advisor PositionalJoin Channel
7. Stock StationsJoin Channel
8. Usha’s AnalysisJoin Channel
9. Options Intraday Banknifty BullsJoin Channel
10. Elite TradersJoin Channel
12. Minish Patel 3MPJoin Channel
13. Stock PhoenixJoin Channel
14. Vijay Wealth Advisor™Join Channel
15. Stock Market NinjasJoin Channel
17. Eqwires Research AnalystJoin Channel
18. Equity99Join Channel
19. Trader’s SpotJoin Channel
20. Banknifty Nifty AnalysisJoin Channel
21. MARKET YAATRAJoin Channel
Best Stock Market Telegram Groups/Channels with Links

1. Stock Market Updates

  • Category: Stock market news
  • Subscribers: 10k

Join Channel ↗︎

Staying updated with latest news and strategies is vital to learn stock market. This channel is for all finance and economy-related news and updates around the globe. But wait, there’s more: get top-notch suggestions, battle-tested methods, and a constant stream of stock market updates tailored for your learning journey.

And guess what? It’s not just about staying in the loop; they’re bringing the learning to life with live trading strategy sessions. It’s like having a front-row seat to the stock market classroom you always wished for.


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2. Stock market news live

  • Category: Stock market news
  • Subscribers: 133k

Join Channel ↗︎

Fancy a front-row seat to the latest stock market buzz? Look no further than “Stock Market News Live,” a Telegram channel buzzing with popularity. Join the league of informed traders and investors as you dive into the insights provided by a seasoned analyst team.

Here, it’s not just about staying informed; you can supercharge your trading game with premium services. Picture this: 5-6 Sureshot calls daily, bank nifty & stock options calls, coupled with entry, target, and SL alerts.


  • Telephonic support
  • Accuracy 95%
  • Minimum capital: 5-10k 

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3. Stocktwits India

  • Category: Stock market analysis and updates
  • Subscribers: 43k

Join Channel ↗︎

Looking for BankNifty options expertise? Look no further! Stocktwits India claims the crown as the ultimate Telegram Channel for BankNifty options trading.

Their offerings? Priceless options tips complete with meticulous stop-loss, precise targets, and a remarkable dose of accuracy, all generously shared for free.

And guess what? The Stocktwits India experience isn’t confined to Telegram; you can follow their trail of wisdom on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube too.


  • Small capital required
  • 1-2 calls daily
  • Best trading ideas
  • Provide market watchlist

4. CapitalVia – Stocks

  • Category: SEBI-Registered channel
  • Subscribers: 72k

Join Channel ↗︎

Meet CapitalVia Global Research Limited (Investment Adviser), your SEBI Registered Independent Investment Adviser, a beacon of trusted guidance.

With a whopping 71k contented subscribers, this channel is your gateway to expert insights. Explore a diverse landscape of bank nifty options, future & options trading, and tock options trading.


  • High Accuracy
  • Regular market updates
  • Expert tips and advice

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5. NRJ Finance

  • Category: Positional trading
  • Subscribers: 13k

Join Channel ↗︎

Run by Neeraj Dixit, this channel is created for sharing advice on both short-term and long-term investments in equity stocks.

Along with expert tips, they also offer regular market updates and calls with proper entry and exit levels.

Furthermore, they also offer a paid subscription on Whatsapp which includes daily short-term & long-term positional calls and F&O calls, Chart analysis, and many more.


6. Vijay Wealth Advisor Positional

  • Category: Posiotional Trading
  • Subscribers: 21k

Join Channel ↗︎

Certified by NISM, Vijay Wealth Advisor Positional is one of the best stock market tips providers in India on Telegram.

The National Institute of Securities Markets(NISM) is a public trust established in 2006 by the Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI). They update all market updates regularly and provide magical positional calls for free. 


7. Stock Stations

  • Category: Positional and intraday trading
  • Subscribers: 2.3k

Join Channel ↗︎

Imagine getting a steady stream of updates, insider trading tips, smart strategies, and even recorded videos and audio messages – it’s like having a personalized trading mentor on speed dial.

But here’s the kicker – they’re not stopping at just one market. Nope, this channel’s got the whole shebang covered – from the Indian stock market to the dynamic US scene, Commodity market, Forex adventures, and the world of CryptoCurrency. 📊🎉


  • Live Market Support
  • All updates
  • Jackpot and Loss Recovery calls
  • Daily 4-5 sure bank nifty trades

8. Usha’s Analysis

  • Category: Options Trading
  • Subscribers: 65k

Join Channel ↗︎

With more than 1 lakh subscribers, Usha’s Analysis is another best stock trading Telegram channels. This channel offers investment calls actively. Here you will get expert advice and stock market tips.

If you are looking for the latest trends in the stock market then we suggest you try this channel.


  • Stock cash/ Nifty/BNF future/index options
  • Jackpot offers
  • Regular reports on P&L

9. Options Intraday Banknifty Bulls

  • Category: Intraday trading
  • Subscribers: 5.7k

Join Channel ↗︎

Options Intraday Banknifty Bulls is the fastest-growing channel on telegram. They provide intraday banknifty calls with high accuracy. You can attain maximum profit from their calls. They also offer a premium service that includes Live market updates, proper target and stop loss, daily 3-4 Sureshot trades, stock option trades for intraday, etc.


  • Personally support
  • Capital required 25-35k
  • Free trading guidance

10. Elite Traders

  • Category: Stock options
  • Subscribers: 1k

Join Channel ↗︎

If you’re looking for a simple Telegram channel for stock trading, this channel is for you! In the Elite Traders channel, you will get a good profit from the expertise of their premium members. They provide full support and guidance to the group members. Furthermore, you will get nifty & banknifty calls, intraday calls, and stock options calls.


  • 11k+ subscribers
  • Huge Profits
  • Proper Entry and Exit

11. Ghanshyam Tech Analysis

  • Category: Market updates and analysis
  • Subscribers: 510k

Join Channel ↗︎

GHANSHYAM TECH ANALYSIS is 100% Free Telegram Channel. You can open a free trading account by using their link. They provide special live video sessions for the subscribers of the channel. Not only calls but you will get regular market news, best tips & strategies, and calls based on fundamental and technical analysis.


  • Not SEBI registered
  • 3.6 lac subscribers
  • Provide chart analysis
  • Bank nifty intraday support

12. Minish Patel (Patel Wealth)

  • Category: Account management service
  • Subscribers: 41k

Join Channel ↗︎

Minish Patel is a SEBI registered research analyst having experience of 27 years. You can find educational content, authentic knowledge, and tips about the stock market on this channel. For Stock Market learning, they also have a mobile application. Therefore you can get regular updates and free calls on both Mobile Application and Telegram.


  • No paid services
  • Free intraday calls
  • Open an account with them and get maximum calls
  • Regular market updates

13. Stock Phoenix

  • Category: Stock market courses
  • Subscribers: 97k

Join Channel ↗︎

Stock Phoenix is another fastest-growing channel on telegram. The admin of stock Phoenix said that “Knowledge gets enhanced when it is shared”.

So, they provide live webinars on Knowledge of the stock market in which they will discuss: Cash Intraday, Delivery, Futures & Options, Forex Trading, proven strategy on Indian Currency, Option Strategies, Trendline, Chart Patterns, etc.


  • Management Techniques
  • Calls based on fundamental and technical analysis
  • Unique Strategies to make consistent returns

14. Vijay Wealth Advisor™

  • Category: BankNifty trading
  • Subscribers: 126k

Join Channel ↗︎

Vijay Wealth Advisor is a team of passionate traders, investors, trainers, and advisors. If you open a trading account using their link, you will get a lifetime free premium membership that includes nifty & bank nifty calls, intraday and positional calls, free tips and market updates, and many more services. 


  • Best youtube videos 
  • High accuracy
  • Quick entry and exit

Bottom Line

I trust this guide has illuminated your path towards discovering the ideal Telegram channels to elevate your stock market endeavors. From trading tips to expert insights, these channels promise a wealth of knowledge.

It’s important, however, to remember that the channels featured herein are meant for educational purposes solely. Before making any investment decisions, it’s always prudent to seek guidance from your trusted financial advisor.

As you venture forth on your trading journey armed with newfound wisdom, may your investments be strategic and your returns abundant. Happy trading, and may your financial horizons expand with every trade! 📈🚀

Note: Channels listed in this post are just for educational purposes only. Stock market trading involves risk. Please consult with your financial advisor before trading.

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