10 Best Telegram Channels for Intraday Trading [In 2023]

In the Indian share market, timing is everything. A single day can make or break your fortunes. 

So obviously, you would want to get the most accurate and timely information about the market trends possible. 

This is where Telegram channels for intraday trading come in handy.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to filter out the noise and find the best Telegram channels for intraday trading.

Here is a compiled list of the 11 best intraday Telegram channels that will provide you with all the information and analysis you need to make profits in the market.

Let’s get started!

#1 Honest Stock Marketer

With 10k+ subscribers in such a short period, it is safe to say that Honest Stock Marketer has stood true to its name in delivering honest and profitable intraday trading tips. 

On the other hand, the premium group has several benefits, including 3-4 Stock Option & Stock Future Calls, Live guidance & support, and Daily 6-7 sure bank nifty trades.  

  • 90 to 95% accuracy, as said in the bio
  • 10,100+ subscribers
  • Budget-friendly premium channel

Join for the best free intraday tips Telegram channel “Honest Stock Marketer” here: https://telegram.me/honeststockmarketer 

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#2 TradeOnomics

TradeOnomics provides “INTRADAY EDUCATIONAL TRADES ON STOCKS/INDEX”, aiming at providing consistent profits. The trade strategies offered here cover areas of Options Trades for Nifty, Bank Nifty, and Stocks. 

You can get live support via TradeOnomics for risk management during live market hours. You can also ask for expert views on your portfolio, and on stocks, you are interested in. 

  • Live support via the @TradeOnomics_Support channel
  • Over 7,800 subscribers
  • Get detailed trade reports during live market hours

TradeOnonmics is available via the link: https://telegram.me/TradeOnomics 


#3 Intraday Equity Trade

Intraday Equity Trade is where technology meets expertise. The founders use an algorithm, especially designed and developed to catch the possible trends of the market right before it starts. 

You get unidirectional trade flashes here. This uniquely designed Algo works on anything and everything. From currency and commodities to futures…you name it and they’ve got it. 

“Trade with ALGO, and no emotions!” That’s what this channel writes in its introduction and it stays true the same. 

  • Best for low-risk trading
  • In-depth research for every call
  • 2,447+ subscribers 

Join Intraday Equity Traders here: https://telegram.me/IntradayEquityTrade

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#4 Trade On Data Institute

A venture of a team that has several seasoned traders and investors working there for the subscribers,

Admins here have focused mainly on delivering educational courses for new investors who have no idea how the market works and how profits are earned. 

Uniquely, Trade on Data Institute has a dedicated channel called Trade on Data Team (@TradeOnDataTeam) where investors and traders can contact the team for any query for FREE!

  • Subscribed by over 45,500+ users
  • Live sessions for doubts
  • Learning courses and packages offered

Click on the link https://telegram.me/BankNifty_Nifty_ProTraders now to join Trade on Data Institute. 

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#5 Stock Tips Intraday

A massive community of over 106K+ students, seasoned traders, and newbie investors, Stock Tips Intraday has gained a lot of positive reviews in recent times, making it one of the best intraday tips providers on Telegram.

The channel has limited tips to offer the free channel, still, you get real-time updates and tips useful for beginner-level intraday trading.

  • Free intraday calls on Telegram
  • Accurate Stock information based on analytics 
  • No hidden charges

You can visit the channel at https://telegram.me/s/stock_tips_intradays 

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#6 Stock Master

Stock Master is a complete package for beginners. You get around 2-3 considerable intraday calls each trading day and have reached a good 95% accuracy rate in recent times. 

The experts here also provide trade levels on both, the buy and sell sides. Stock Master is genuinely one of the best telegram channels for intraday calls and is safe for newbies. 

  • Around 75K followers
  • Analysis by trading experts
  • F&O Trade Setups with the premium version 

You can visit the Stock Master channel here: https://telegram.me/Stock_Masters

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#7 Shree Ganesh Stocks and Investments

An authorized and reputed sub-broker with the popular portfolio management service provider IIFL Securities, Shree Ganesh Stocks and Investments has created an agile community on its Telegram channel. 

The channel offers both short-term and long-term investment tips. Here you are offered several different premium channels to choose from, based on different segments, such as 


Along with intraday trading tips, beginners in the business can also get Demat account opening services, as well as solutions to all of their investment-related queries. 

  • 1500+ active traders
  • 85%+ accuracy assured
  • Cost-effective premium options

To join the Shree Ganesh Stocks and Investments, follow the link: https://telegram.me/shreeganeshstocksandinvestments 

#8 Wealth Citi

Wealth Citi shares 2 to 3 daily trading ideas on all active trading days. Here you get all trading-based educational tips and suggestions as Wealth Citi is created to help beginners learn the art of reducing losses and boosting profits in the Intraday setup. 

This educational trading tips channel has over 5.8K subscribers and offers exclusive Demat account opening packages to new users as well.

  • Special offers for trading apps
  • Swing Trade Setups
  • Minimal charges for a premium account

Start learning the insights of trading with Wealth Citi here: https://telegram.me/s/wealthciti 

#9 Bulls Bears Traders

One of the most reliable names in this list, Bulls Bears Traders is a NIFM-certified source for intraday trading, that has been there in many top ranks of the intraday trading telegram group lists.

The channel provides free calls for all levels and experiences of intraday investors. Bulls Bears Traders has an impressive accuracy rate of 90%, which makes it a best-in-the-class intraday trading advisor. 

You can also opt for the premium jackpot channel @ just Rs. 5999, for a period of 90 active trading days. 

  • Tons of educational and trading lessons
  • Over 8,400 subscribers
  • Offer hero zero calls, as well as good option calls 

Here is the intraday Telegram group link to join Bulls Bears Traders: https://telegram.me/bullsbearstraders 


NSE Stock Pro has a decent record in providing intraday trading tips and educational-driven content on its Telegram channel. 

This is a well-known analytics-driven Telegram community for intraday trading and investors with almost 130K subscribers. The premium group is available at a minimal cost of Rs. 5k with benefits like Daily Bank Nifty Trades, F&O Trades, and more. 

  • Custom support for premium users
  • 2-6 Intraday Daily trades
  • Personal trade solutions

To join the NSE STOCK PRO 🇮🇳 Telegram channel, click on the link: https://telegram.me/s/nsestockpro now!

In the End

These are some of the best Telegram channels for intraday trading in India that you can join to get accurate and timely information about market trends. These channels will also help you learn about Intra day trading and how to make money from it.

So, what are you waiting for? Join one of these channels now and start making money in the market!

Keep Investing!

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