10 Best Telegram Channels For Options Trading in 2023 [Free Tips]

The Indian Stock Market is one of the most vibrant and active markets in the world. It is also one of the most volatile and unpredictable markets.

The best way to trade in such a market is to stay updated and follow the experts. 

And the go-to course of action to do that is by subscribing to options trading Telegram channels.

In this blog post, we will list out the best options trading telegram channel that you can subscribe to.

#1. Earn Everyday

With an impressive acumen in the field of stock options trading, Earn every day is one of the best Telegram channels you will come across.

The channel has over 4,683 subscribers and provides recommendations with a nifty options trading telegram channel, and on Nifty50, Bank Nifty, and Stock Options trading. Admins offer both free and premium services, with the latter providing more detailed recommendations.

The team at Earn every day also offers live charts and analysis to their users, making the experience better.

  • Free & accurate recommendations
  • Trusted by over 4,000+ users
  • Offers live charts and analysis

To get started with the channel, visit https://telegram.me/earneverydayprofit

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#2. The Options Club

The channel has been a popular choice for options traders, with over 8.84K subscribers

The Options Club offers recommendations on Nifty50 and Bank Nifty options trading, as well as intraday tips and positional recommendations.

  • 2 to 12 months package available
  • 80 to 85% accuracy, free Banknifty calls
  • Cost-effective premium charges

To know more, click on the link https://t.me/s/optionsclub

#3. Stock Market Ninjas

Stock Market Ninjas gives you recommendations on options trading, as well as positional and intraday trading.

The team has made a name for itself by providing quality recommendations, and the channel has over 37.4K subscribers. You get a full suite of recommendations here – from Nifty50 to Bank Nifty, and even stocks. What’s more, they also offer a premium service that gives you access to more detailed recommendations.

These are some of the best

  • Best for newbies
  • Free stock options
  • A safe channel with real tips from experts

To join the channel, click on https://t.me/s/beyondtraders09

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#4. 20PAISA.COM™

20PAISA.COM™ is another good choice when it comes to options trading on Telegram channels.

The channel has over 9,456 subscribers and provides recommendations on both Nifty50 and Bank Nifty options trading. They also offer a premium service that gives you access to more detailed recommendations.

  • Accuracy up to 90%
  • Daily Profit Guarantee
  • Quality Performers

For Nifty & Bank Nifty Options trading, visit- https://t.me/Banknifty_specials

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#5. StockPro Official (SEBI Registered)

A name that needs no introduction, StockPro is one of the most popular Telegram channels for stock market news and updates.

The channel is quite popular for its highly experienced trading experts team and now has over 375K subscribers to date.

Get the best and latest Indian stock market information and updates at https://t.me/s/StockPro_Official_Banknifty

#6. Usha’s Analysis

An educational and informative Telegram channel, Usha’s Analysis is a good choice for those who want to learn about options trading.

The channel has over 35k subscribers and provides tips and solutions for all your queries related to options trading. You also get detailed education content for the best telegram channel for future and option trading here, making it a good choice for beginners.

  • Weekend offers
  • Monthly cost-saving premium packs
  • 30,000+ subscribers growing at a good rate

Usha Analysis’s Telegram channel can be joined by clicking on https://telegram.me/s/Ushasanalysis

#7. Profits Everyday

Profits every day is a popular Telegram channel that provides stock market tips and recommendations for all levels of investors – from beginners to experienced traders.

The channel has over 10.8K subscribers. Created for educational purposes only, Profits every day is for the one looking for the best free telegram channel for options trading.

The team behind Profits every day has also created a website with the same name along with the popular Telegram channel. 

  • Daily 3-5 Sureshot trades
  • Free to join
  • Premium service available on monthly charges

Click on the link https://t.me/s/everydayprofits to know more.

#8. Shivam Trading Academy

Shivam Trading Academy is more than just an options trading Telegram channel – it’s a complete education platform for stock market enthusiasts.

The channel has the best telegram channel for bank nifty options and provides recommendations on both options and intraday trading, as well as detailed educational content. 

You can also join their live webinars to get a more hands-on approach to learning.

  • Simple and accurate trade recommendation
  • Educational content for all levels of users
  • Helps in predicting the call for options trading

Join the channel by clicking on https://t.me/s/ShiviamTradingacademy 

#9. TradeOnomics

TradeOnomics has been a trusted name in the stock market Telegram channel space for quite some time now.

The channel has a great workforce working day in and day out and has over 7.8K subscribers for a free telegram channel for options trading

They offer Option Trades for Nifty, Bank Nifty, and Stocks, as well as both free and premium services, with the latter providing more detailed and personalized recommendations.

The channel also has a website where you can find more information about its services.

  • Live user support
  • Active community
  • Best for beginners

Here is the link to join- https://t.me/s/TradeOnomics

#10. Trade On Data Institute

Trade On Data Institute, as the name suggests, is a Telegram channel that uses data to generate recommendations for options trading.

You get a good amount of edu-content here, along with recommendations, and the channel has over 45.7K subscribers. One of the faster-growing Telegram channels for Options trading!

  • Seasoned & Experienced Analysts
  • Generate signals using live data
  • Accuracy up to 80-85%

The link for the channel Trade On Data Institute is here: https://t.me/s/BankNifty_Nifty_ProTraders

Wrapping it Up

The best stock options trading telegram channels above are some of the best in the business. However, we would like to reiterate the fact that options trading is a risky affair and you should always consult with a financial advisor before making any decisions.

Have you subscribed to any of the options trading Telegram channels mentioned above? Do let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

Happy Trading!

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