10 Best & Free Forex Signals Telegram Channels of 2023!

Forex signals allow you to discover trading opportunities without doing analysis.  So how do you find free forex signals? One way is through Telegram channels! 

With all of Telegram’s different Forex signals providers, it is hard to find channels that provide free forex signals on telegram. This article will explore the free VIP forex signals telegram channels that make a reliable provider and how they can help you earn more money with less risk!

So, without any further ado, have a look at the channels:

#1. Free Signals Pro

Channel link: https://t.me/FreeProTraderSignal

Free Signals Pro is a free telegram forex signals channel that provides daily opportunities for making money with expert advice and guidance.

This is an excellent channel for beginners who want to learn the art of Forex trading. The signal comes one day per week, and it helps you identify trading opportunities. Still, some people might find the frequency too low or insufficient if they are more experienced traders looking at short-term investments with high capital turnover rates (HRTs) returns.

  • Free to Join
  • No Ads or Messages for Joining the Paid Version
  • A complete resource for beginners

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#2. FXPremiere

Channel link: https://t.me/forexsignalstrialgroup

Forex signals provider FXPremiere.com claims to be the best at this moment, with two channels, one free and another paid-for upgrade, available on their site!

The free Telegram channel provides one signal per day and shares some trading strategies. However, most of the messages on that channel are advertising its VIP services. Premium Account users get detailed analytical reports and access to all features available on their website, including webinars.

  • Trustworthy sources
  • 70%+ Success rate
  • $500 Lifetime access


#3. ApexBull

Channel link: https://t.me/Apexbullsignalsfx/

With easy-to-follow signals, ApexBull is the perfect choice for beginner traders. Their success rate is above average, and they have beginner-friendly pricing plans for traders just starting in this challenging market!

The forex market is very competitive, but it’s not impossible to get ahead of the game. With so many traders and such speedy reaction times on their part, Apexbull offers about three signals per day which tend to be highly accurate!

  • Over ten years of expertise
  • Regular new updates
  • Good choice for new traders

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#4. ForexSignals.io

Channel link: https://t.me/forexsignalsio22

With ForexSignals.io, you can get clear signals that will help your trading outcome. It is a reliable and lucrative group for those who want to trade in the forex market with others like them!

ForexSignals.io offers a free channel for beginners who want to learn about currency trading without commitment.

  •  £499 for lifetime access
  • Informative free channel
  • 5k+ Positive reviews

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#5. Sure Shot Forex

Channel link: https://t.me/sureshotforex

Forex signals from Sure Shot Forex, a free Telegram channel with over 27 thousand followers. With five different trades per day and a detailed analysis of each one shared for free by their team.

The signals offered by this channel come from real traders and provide evidence to back up their best telegram forex signals claims.

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Experienced traders
  • One of the best free channels

#6. Nasdaq Daily Forex Signals

Channel link: https://t.me/bestfxsingal

The free Forex signals on Nasdaq Daily are some of the most accurate and trustworthy you can find, with over 57K subscribers who will tell their friends all about it.

Unlike other channels focused on trading reports only, this one offers an unlimited supply of valuable information through its focus on giving away the best possible trades before you take them!

  • Also, get stop-loss advice
  • Graphs and charts included
  • Growing base of users

#7. Golden Forex Signals

Channel link: https://t.me/Goldenforex_signals

Golden forex signals is a free currency trading channel on Telegram with more than 78 thousand subscribers.

This channel is more than just a free forex signals telegram channel. You will never regret joining this community because of the quality posts and education on technical analysis they provide!

  • 20+ daily trading signals
  • One of the biggest free forex call providers
  • 78 thousand subscribers

#8. AltSignals.io

Channel link: https://t.me/altsignals

This supplier of powerful forex signals has gained recognition for its high success rate in predicting market movements with great accuracy across all time zones worldwide.

The AltSignals trading signals are unlike any other. They provide in-depth analysis of recent market trends, which many different providers do not offer, and valuable advice on what trades might be suitable for your portfolio – day trading or swing selling!

  • $135/month billed monthly
  • 90% success rate claimed
  • 72 hours money back guarantee

#9. Trading Olymp Trade Forex Signals

Channel link: https://t.me/Trading_Olymp_Forex_Signals

Trading Olymp Trade Forex Signals is one of the most subscribe-worthy best forex signals telegram channels for those serious about trading forex. It’s worth checking out!

This channel has one of the highest subscriber numbers on record and provides you with around 30 calls on a daily basis. Even if this is your first time listening, these helpful insights will certainly help in various aspects!

  • 285K subscribers
  • Accurate research, analysis, and trading calls
  • Get free forex signals

#10. FxLifeStyle

Channel link: https://t.me/free_forex_signals_fx_lifestyle

FxLifeStyle channel is a great forex telegram group to get free forex calls. With over 44 thousand subscribers, this group can provide you with insights into the currency markets from around the world!

The VIP group of signals provides valuable information that can help your research. There are also some reports from this week’s trades and the regular tips on which pairs might be suitable investments!

  • Free Forex signals with no hidden cost
  • Free experience and motivational posts
  • Consistent data

Bottom Line

Forex trading is not easy, but if you take the time to learn about it and follow the best and free forex signals providers on Telegram, your future income won’t be lost.

The best part about these Telegram channels is that they are free to join and very easy to learn from. Best of the best traders are counting on Telegram advisers and their services offered on Telegram for Forex trading

It’s an exciting and lucrative opportunity if you take the time to learn how to use it thoroughly while being patient enough for success!

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