Top 10 Free Telegram Channels For Stock Market Courses in 2024!

Searching for stock market courses on Telegram? Discover the power of Telegram for stock market education in 2024!

With a surge in Telegram channels offering free and premium stock market courses, enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds now have access to invaluable resources.

In this post, we’ve curated the top 10 channels providing comprehensive courses on trading strategies, fundamental and technical analysis, risk management, and more.

Let’s explore the best Telegram has to offer for your stock market education journey!

1)  Market Pathshala Stock Market


Market Pathshala is your go-to pocket guide for mastering the stock market.

With comprehensive text, audio, and video tutorials, they offer step-by-step guidance on basic and advanced trading concepts.

Access live webinars, recorded YouTube videos, and courses covering fundamental and technical analysis.

Personalized assistance throughout your trading journey ensures a supportive learning environment.

  • 10k Subcribers
  • Free Mock Tests
  • Video, Text, and Audio Courses
  • Personalized Assistance
  • Free or Paid Services

2)  Trading Campus


As India’s premier Stock Market Institute certified by NSE, TRADING CAMPUS provides a diverse range of free online courses.

Explore options trading, intraday strategies, fundamental and technical analysis, risk management, and algorithmic trading.

Benefit from weekly webinars, live sessions, and educational events, including a special beginners’ options course.

  • 3k Subscribers
  • Special Beginners Option Course
  • Free Demo
  • Weekly Webinars

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3) Easy Trading Classes


Join Easy Trading Classes, the top trading academy in India, for comprehensive stock market learning.

Access daily YouTube videos covering various trading topics and download them for free.

Furthermore, just open a demat account through their link to unlock premium group benefits and learn stock market trading the right way.

  • 4k Subscribers
  • Learn market trends
  • Not SEBI Registered 
  • Free Call Support is Available
  • Equity trading/investment 

4) Learn Finance & Stock Marketing


IFMC Institute offers free classes and online courses for beginners, investors, and traders.

Their team of analysts provides extensive coverage of financial markets, trade ideas, and forex trade education.

You can join live classes, access recorded YouTube videos, and receive guidance on trading strategies and market trends. 

  • 2k Subscribers
  • Classroom courses
  • Topic Wise mock tests 
  • Trading strategies courses
  • Live web classes

5) The Legend Trader


Join THE LEGEND TRADER E-learning academy for a professional trading journey.

Gain access to free stock market courses aimed at making you an independent trader.

What’s more? Enjoy live intraday trading sessions, advanced analysis courses, and join their premium WhatsApp group for daily YouTube videos.

  • 5k subscribers
  • Intraday Trading Live Sessions
  • Advanced Analysis Courses
  • Premium WhatsApp Group

6) Stockpro Online


Join Stockpro Online led by Seema Jain for comprehensive stock market education, one of the most popular stock market Telegram channels.

Designed for traders of all levels, this channel offers a range of educational resources including free and paid courses, e-books, videos, and expert guidance from Seema Jain herself.

Interact with like-minded traders, seek advice, and accelerate your learning journey.

  • 275k+ Subscribers
  • Special nifty and bank nifty sessions
  • SEBI Registered Analyst
  • Live Sessions with Seema Jain
  • Premium Telegram Broadcasts
  • Tailored Course Plans Available

7) CA Rachana Ranade Official


Looking for beginner stock market courses? Look no further!

Led by the renowned CA Rachana Ranade, this channel offers you a wealth of educational content, including free and premium courses.

Moreover, you will stay updated on free educational YouTube videos by Rachna Ranade.

Dive into the world of trading with confidence, guided by expert insights and practical strategies tailored just for you.

  • 128k Subscribers
  • Live Sessions with CA Rachana Ranade
  • Free and Premium Courses Available
  • Personalized Guidance and Mentorship


JOIN CHANNEL ↗︎ is your one-stop destination for practical stock market learning.\

Explore technical analysis, fundamental analysis, futures & options, and equity research in real-world scenarios.

Additionally, join live webinars, access a complete guide on trading strategies, and enjoy big discounts on certified courses.

9) Procapital Academy Official


Run by PROCAPITAL ACADEMY, this channel offers free stock market courses and personalized support.

Enroll in the 4-month Free Program – “Certified Pro Trader” by opening a Demat account through Procapital’s Link.

Attend live demo classes, raise queries, and interact with trainers to enhance your trading skills.

  • 17k Subscribers
  • Live Demo Class
  • Free Risk Management Course
  • Interactive Training Sessions

10) LearnApp


LearnApp channel provides you online stock market courses led by industry experts with decades of experience.

Whether you’re interested in trading, investing, or business, LearnApp provides structured learning paths to increase your income and build wealth.

Access 250+ courses, attend paid classes, and kickstart your journey with the first lesson for free.

In their courses, they teach the basics of trading, technical analysis, intraday strategies, Nifty options trading strategies, crypto trading, etc.

  • 11k Subscribers
  • 250+ courses & classes
  • Paid courses
  • Watch the first lesson for free


Congratulations on discovering the top Telegram channels for stock market education!

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned trader, these channels offer a wealth of resources to help you navigate the complexities of the market and enhance your trading skills.

From live sessions with industry experts to personalized guidance and a variety of course offerings, there’s something for everyone.

Take advantage of these invaluable resources to elevate your trading journey and achieve your financial goals.

Happy learning and happy trading!

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