Top 25 Free WhatsApp Groups For Intraday Trading in 2024!

Are you on the hunt for genuine and active intraday trading WhatsApp groups? You’re not alone!

WhatsApp groups have skyrocketed in popularity, offering a treasure trove of information and community engagement.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best WhatsApp groups for intraday trading, just for you.

Dive into these groups to unlock invaluable intraday tips, tricks, market analysis, and a supportive community of fellow traders.

WhatsApp Group NameNumber of membersJoining Links
1. Intraday Traders157Group link 🔗
2. Daily Intraday tips527Group link 🔗
3. Intraday Calls366Group link 🔗
4. NRJ FinanceGroup link 🔗
5. Swing and intraday Trader444Group link 🔗
6. The Index Points574Group link 🔗
7. STOCK MARATHI169Group link 🔗
8. Intraday Bazaar47Group link 🔗
9. Trade Without Fear277Group link 🔗
10. SG/MY Stock Trading Group757Group link 🔗
11. TRADE WARRIORS385Group link 🔗
12. TRADES TIME152Group link 🔗
13. Nifty Trader1016Group link 🔗
14. Trading is Art 2187Group link 🔗
15. Traders Venue87Group link 🔗
16. Akash Trading107Group link 🔗
17. Zero to Hero148Group link 🔗
18. Intraday Option Trading271Group link 🔗
19. Intraday informer118Group link 🔗
20. Intraday call & swing72Group link 🔗
21. NSE intraday tips71Group link 🔗
22. An intraday Trading idea176Group link 🔗
23. Tradable Option79Group link 🔗
24. Flame Invest (FEENVEST)111Group link 🔗
25. Intraday Trade calls T4118Group link 🔗
Top 25 WhatsApp Groups For Intraday Calls

1) Intraday Traders

Group link 🔗

Looking for the best intraday trading insights? Look no further than the Intraday Traders WhatsApp group.

Get regular tips, tricks, and market updates to stay ahead of the game. Also, check out the 22 Best Telegram Channels For Indian Stock Market.

2) Daily Intraday tips

Group link 🔗

Daily Intraday tips are the most popular group on Whatsapp. Their team of experienced traders delivers precise calls for nifty, bank nifty, futures, and options, backed by in-depth market research and technical analysis.

3) Intraday Calls 

Group link 🔗

Another group for intraday calls provides daily free calls in their group.

They also provide premium membership options and round-the-clock support.

Their team of experts guides you through the dynamic world of intraday trading with timely calls and actionable insights.

Also, check out:

4) NRJ Finance

Group link 🔗

Owned by Neeraj Dixit, NRJ Finance is a trusted companion in intraday trading recommended by seasoned traders.

How to join WhatsApp Broadcast? Just open a Demat account through their referral link and get lifetime access to premium calls!

You’ll get daily news updates, trending stocks, and expert analysis to make informed decisions.

5) Swing and intraday Trader

Group link 🔗

This is not only a WhatsApp group, but it’s a community of savvy traders expert in swing and intraday trading.

Swing and intraday traders are among the best WhatsApp groups for intraday and swing trading because they specialize in providing analysis-based tips on stock trading.

They post one intraday call daily for free along with updates on whether to book profit or exit the trade on time.

6) The Index Points

Group link 🔗

This stock tips provider WhatsApp group consists of 500+ members who have joined their free intraday stock market calls services.

Gain exclusive access to high-quality intraday stock market calls and valuable insights from fellow traders.


Group link 🔗

This is the Best WhatsApp group for intraday trading.

Why? You’ll be loaded with educational content, insightful discussions, and actionable trading ideas. Continuous learning ensures you stay ahead of market trends and seize profitable opportunities.

Also, note that STOCK MARATHI is not a SEBI registered analyst.

8) Intraday Live call

Group link 🔗

One of the fastest-growing WhatsApp groups for intraday trading.

They provide educational content, live video sessions, all types of tips and strategies, and daily 1-2 free calls based on technical analysis.

9) Trade Without Fear

Group link 🔗

Trade Without Fear is another Bank Nifty Whatsapp group that provides daily trading calls. These calls include nifty and intraday trading ideas.

You can join for daily investment calls and trading ideas backed by years of experience.

10) SG/MY Stock Trading Group

Group link 🔗

The analysts of this WhatsApp Group are knowm for their unparalleled expertise in technical analysis and stock leveling.

Before sending any tips for trading, they do technical analysis and stock leveling for high accuracy.

You should join this group as they’ll help you stay ahead of market trends and capitalize on lucrative opportunities!


Joining WhatsApp groups for intraday trading opens up a world of opportunities to enhance your trading knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals.

No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, these groups offer valuable insights, tips, and strategies to help you succeed in the stock market.

Don’t hesitate to dive into these communities and start maximizing your trading potential today!

Also, please note that this post is for educational purposes only. Thank you for considering our recommendations, and we wish you the best of luck on your trading journey.

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