11 Best Telegram Channels For Positional Trading in 2024!

Are you a trader looking to explore the world of positional trading? Look no further!

In this updated guide, we’ve curated a handpicked selection of the 11 best Telegram channels for positional trading enthusiasts like you.

Whether you’re new to positional trading or a seasoned investor, these Telegram channels provide a wealth of trading calls, tips, and information to help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of market trends.

Get ready to elevate your trading game with our carefully curated list of Telegram channels for positional trading in 2024:

1. Swing & Positional StocksChannel Link
2. Stocktwits IndiaChannel Link
4. Stock Trading & InvestmentsChannel Link
5. Chart analysisChannel Link
6. Stock Market & TradingChannel Link
7. Banknifty Nifty AnalysisChannel Link
8. Safe TradersChannel Link
9. Share Market Positional Calls GroupChannel Link
10. Trade Art StockChannel Link

1. Swing & Positional Stocks

Channel Link

Swing & Positional stocks are the best Trading Telegram channel. They provide a range of trading calls, including bank nifty and stock options. Apart from this, they also offer tips and frequent updates on calls and to book profit on time.

You will also find market analysis and predictions on this channel. This channel also provides premium services, including stock and commodity stock tips and 1-2 free trading calls. For queries, you can consult them.

  • Demo classes for technical courses
  • Regular market updates
  • Low capital requirement

2. Stocktwits India

Channel Link

Stocktwits India is another rising Telegram channel for the stock market in India. If you are into options trading, then this channel is for you. It offers great opportunities for BankNifty trading.

They provide stock market trading advice to thousands of people through various channels – Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and YouTube as well. You can discuss queries in the live sessions of Stocktwits India’s Experts.

  • 3-4 regular BankNifty calls
  • Provide updates daily
  • In-depth market research provided

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Channel Link

If you are looking for a fully free telegram channel then OM TRADERS INVESTING is best for you. They are not SEBI registered

The team of Om traders provides the best strategies for you that minimize loss and maximize profit. The channel provides educational content. 

  • Free services
  • Economical premium services
  • Small investment required

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4. Stock Trading & Investments

Channel Link

The dedicated efforts of the Stock Trading & Investment Channel make it the best for traders. They guide premium members throughout the trade, entry to exit all guidance is provided, and experts of their team stand with premium members confidently in tough times of the market.

They provide positional cash calls and futures calls. You can join their premium membership on Whatsapp.

  • Positional Options Calls
  • Free calls on Telegram Channel
  • Paid services and support over WhatsApp

5. Chart analysis 

Channel Link

Backed by a team of specialized professionals, Chart analysis is a renowned stock advisory firm that also provides free stock marketing learning to people through its Telegram channel.

Being professional stock advisors, they’ve divided their services into various plans to fulfill both the short-term and long-term trading and investment needs of their advisors.

  • Daily 2 to 3 jackpot calls
  • Daily chart analysis
  • Up to 85% accuracy

6. Stock Market & Trading

Channel Link

One more popular stock market channel is Stock Market & Trading. They provide you with the latest news on the cryptocurrency world, including events, leaks, statistics, and research to keep you updated with the ever-changing world of money.

They don’t provide paid groups paid calls and all, it’s a FREE channel for Free information.

  • Dedicated support over telegram
  • Not SEBI registered
  • Many trading strategies

7. Banknifty Nifty Analysis

Channel Link

Banknifty Nifty Analysis is not Sebi registered analyst. The main aim of this channel is to educate both beginners and skilled traders and help them earn profits via options trading. With 1-2 daily BankNifty calls, they also provide expert views on BankNifty and Stock options. 

Apart from this, they provide frequent updates on the calls in the channel, like whether to leave trade or book profit. They also offer paid services to interested traders, along with free knowledge and views on their Telegram channel.

  • Options Trading, Calls, and Strategies
  • Both Free and Paid services
  • 24×7 Customer Support

8. Safe Traders

Channel Link

A channel run by the Safe Traders team is one of the most popular Telegram Channels in the options and BankNifty trading space.

Along with providing futures and options intraday tips and positional services to hundreds of their paid subscribers, they also provide free calls to thousands of their subscribers on their free stock market Telegram channel.

  • 90% accuracy on calls
  • Offer great assistance
  • They provide calls one at a time

9. Share Market Positional Calls Group

Channel Link

As the name suggests, Share Market Positional Calls Group provides tips and calls on positional trading, which is 100% free. 

They do not have a subscription model and focus on offering high-quality positional trading tips via Telegram. BankNifty options calls, futures calls, and positional calls are offered by them.

  • 1 or 2 free calls daily
  • Dedicated support on telegram
  • Equity and Indices Options Trading, Positional Trading

10. Trade Art Stock

Channel Link

Trade Art Stock is one of the best stock market advisors in India. You can find educational content, authentic knowledge, and tips about the stock market on this channel. 

They share content on various things, including trading calls, YouTube videos, strategies, market trends, chart analysis, and free webinars, making it one of the top channels to join.

  • Maximum profit with low risk
  • 2 calls per day
  • High accuracy calls


Channel Link

If you are into the index and stock options, then Stock Options, Index Option is the best channel for you. With up to 90% accuracy and open targets, they provide free calls, including BankNifty call options. Apart from this, they also offer premium services, including 2-3 daily tips with personalized assistance.

If you are a beginner, you can avail of their premium service by just opening a Demat account via their given link.

  • VIP service free of cost
  • Educational content
  • 24×7 Live support by their technical expert

Bottom Line

Positional trading can be a rewarding approach to the stock market when you have the right insights and tools at your disposal.

The Telegram channels we’ve listed offer a wealth of knowledge, expert advice, and timely updates to help you navigate the market with confidence. By leveraging these resources, you can enhance your trading strategies and make informed decisions.

Remember, successful trading requires continuous learning and adaptation, so make the most of these channels to stay ahead in your trading journey.

Happy trading!


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