8 Best Youtube Channels for Stock Market in India [For 2023]

Nowadays everyone planning to invest in the share market & wants to learn before investing in the share market. Learning the Indian stock market can be difficult, especially for beginners. But it can be made accessible or simple by taking tips and advice through the best youtube channels. Youtube is most convenient for learning about the stock market because it provides practical knowledge through videos. Through the stock market youtube channel, you can easily increase your knowledge and earn money through the share market.

For all information on the stock market, there are many channels on youtube. In this post, I have listed the names of some best youtube channels.

#1. Art of Trading 

Link https://youtu.be/7PtJto-I9x4


559k subscribers

Art of Trading is one of the best channels on youtube. It also has a dedicated website, Instagram, Twitter, and a telegram channel that you can follow more closely. 

They provide videos of technical analysis in Hindi and free banknifty options learning. You can get daily highlights and updates on this youtube channel.

#2. Neeraj Joshi

Link https://youtu.be/mdRjXsXyn2w


2.26M subscribers

If you are interested in learning about the Stock market, investment, trading, Stocks, fundamental & technical analysis, mutual funds, IPO & similar topics related to the Stock market or if you want to earn money from the Share market, then this channel is best for you.

Just follow this channel & get free well-researched videos on stocks, finance, and investment, trading & many more.

#3. IITian Trader

Link https://youtu.be/-ogElzwPKeo


143k Subscribers

The founder of IITian Trader is Saurabh Maurya from IIT- BHU, sharing his trading knowledge with the help of this channel. 

Channel offers educational content for money-earning and management.

Here you will also get videos on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and other stock market terms. The IITian Trader uploads 2-3 videos regularly.

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#4. Vivek Bajaj

Link https://youtu.be/t-rURJUMNKk


682k Subscribers

Vivek Bajaj is the co-founder of Kredent Infoedge, an enterprise involved in simplifying finance for everyone. He has over 15 years of experience in the financial market. He is a chartered accountant, and company secretary, and has an MBA from IIM Indore. 

For the last 6 years, he has been involved in empowering people with the right learning and analytics in finance through his online ventures elearnmarkets.com and StockEdge.

On this channel, you will be able to find both beginner and advanced videos on the stock market and related terms.

#5. Pushkar Raj Thakur: Business Coach

Link https://youtu.be/3WI9RZODuag


6.49 M subscribers

Pushkar Raj Thakur is India’s leading business coach and motivational speaker. He is well-known for his broad expertise in financial education, personal mastery, sales, marketing, human psychology, and business development.

The channel provides 1 or 2 videos daily. In these videos, he shares all market updates, and stock market strategies for all indexes. Fundamental analysis courses and crash courses are also available.

#6. Asmita Patel

Link https://youtu.be/f2rlqQvoeII


205k subscribers

Asmita Patel Global School of Trading delivers transformational education on financial markets and it is founded by Ms. Asmita Patel. 

They are on a mission “Let’s make India trade to spread the stock market education to every individual, break the myth & make the country aware that the stock market is now simplified and is a proven fact to be the best investment option of all”. 


Link https://youtu.be/f9xSRu6-zHs


343k subscribers

SUPER TRADER LAKSHYA is undoubtedly recognized as one of the top youtube channels for learning about the Indian stock market with over 1000 videos.

They include films on money management, trading stocks, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and more. The channel provides daily market updates. You can also download their Application “Super Trader Lakshya”.


Link https://youtu.be/EuufjC9tKW8


726k Subscribers

In this channel, you will get basics lecture and knowledge for beginners. They also provide business ideas, tips, the latest news, market charts, and fundamental and technical analysis for traders. 

Stock market videos and courses are also available in Hindi. This channel provides you with all stock market secrets, tricks, strategies, and techniques free of cost.

The purpose of the channel is to protect retail investors and improve awareness among them related to the stock market. They are not Sebi registered.


In this post, We have suggested the Best Youtube channels for the Indian Stock Market. You can visit and subscribe to the channels you like. We sincerely hope that you found it useful!

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