20+ Best Telegram Channels For Banknifty Calls in 2023!

If you are willing to trade in Bank Nifty options and want to get free expert BankNifty tips, then you are on the right post. As we know, options trading without the proper guidance from experts is very risky.

So in this post, I have mentioned some of the best BankNifty Telegram channels for you.

From these channels, you will get the best trading information which minimizes the chances of loss and can make consistent profits.

#1 Banknifty Options Trading Calls 

πŸ”—  https://t.me/Banknifty_Options_Trading_Callss

One of the fastest-growing Telegram channels, they are not SEBI Registered but they are the best for Bank Nifty trading tips and knowledge. 

In this channel, you will get live chart analysis & ideal setup for trading, buying, and selling ideas. Along with free banknifty calls, they give premium membership as well.

  • Daily 4-5 sure banknifty trades
  • Watchlist before entering a trade
  • Low capital requirement, can start with just 10k

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πŸ”—  https://t.me/krishna_banknifty_trading

Krishna BankNifty Trading group is best for free and paid BankNifty calls. 

The channel has helped many people recover their losses in options trading and gain their capital back. 

Trades include nifty bank options, nifty futures, index options, stock options, equity, and swing trades. They provide a one-stop solution for all.

  • Back-to-back profit
  • Helpline services 24×7
  • Premium calls and free calls

#3 Banknifty Star Expert

πŸ”—  https://t.me/Trading_banknifty2

In this channel, subscribers take their financial advisor’s assistance before making any buy/sell decision. They provide full live market support. 

You will get 100% sure profitable strategies of banknifty & nifty and trading guidance and rules. Premium membership is also available.

  • Daily minimum 1 jackpot
  • Daily 3 to 5 calls
  • Capital required 10k
  • Daily profit Rs 3000 to 5000+

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#4 Intraday Banknifty Calls

πŸ”—  https://t.me/intraday_calls_bank_nifty

Intraday Banknifty Calls telegram channel is considered best for Bank Nifty because here you are provided small and long-term calls of daily bank nifty & nifty options for free. 

They provide 90% accurate calls for options trading. 

  • Live sessions for premium members
  • Equity Stock options
  • Over 2 lakh active subscribers

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#5 Intraday Bank-Nifty

πŸ”—  https://t.me/Bank_nifty_intraday

Most popular telegram channel for intraday bank nifty trading. They provide proper guidance in their VIP community group on Whatsapp.

On this channel, you will get one or two highly accurate BankNifty calls early in the morning (before 9:30 AM) daily.

  • Live market guide when to exit
  • Same day loss covering
  • Accuracy above 90%

#6 Banknifty Nifty Trading Option

πŸ”—  https://t.me/Banknifty_Nifty_Trading_option

This is another Bank Nifty Telegram channel focused on providing Nifty stock trading ideas. They post calls based on technical analysis, market updates, and stock news. Overall, you will have a lot of resources to gain knowledge about trading.

Channel has 65k active subscribers. Must join this channel for regular updates.

  • BankNifty and Nifty Calls
  • Minimum Capital Required 15k
  • Stoploss/Target provided


πŸ”—  https://t.me/trades4you

Most active group on telegram that provides trading ideas and calls. They also have a prime group in which they provide 1-2 Banknifty Options Calls and 1-2 Stock options calls daily in the premium if available. 

Not SEBI registered analyst. In addition to trade ideas, this channel also provides educational content. 

#8 Vijay wealth advisorβ„’

πŸ”—  https://t.me/vijaywealthofficial2020

This is another Best Bank Nifty Telegram channel that is run by a team of passionate traders, investors, trainers, and advisors. They share Nifty bulletins and market news.

Also, you will get good guidance on trading, so if you feel confused, you can ask your queries and learn a lot. Apart from this, all content provided here is free. But it is good to consult your financial advisor before trading.

  • Daily nifty and banknifty direction 
  • Global updates
  • Investment Calls
  • 2 Lakh+ members


πŸ”—  https://t.me/GHANSHYAMTECH

One of the popular Bank Nifty Telegram channels focused on providing Nifty stock trading ideas. They post technical analysis, market updates, stock news, and video lecture links on trading strategies. 

Overall, you will have a lot of resources to gain knowledge about trading tips. In their premium learning group will get Bank Nifty and Nifty Intraday live charts and fast-move level posts.

  • Daily performance data
  • Best Strategies
  • Educational content

#10 StockPro Online (SEBI Registered)

πŸ”—  https://t.me/StockPro_Online

StockPro is an official telegram channel and Dr. Seema Jain is the founder of this group. Dr. Seema Jain is the SEBI Certified Research Analyst who gives knowledge about Nifty, Bank nifty, Expiry levels, Breakout, and all stocks. 

StockPro’s dream is to make financial literacy a stepping stone toward realizing financial freedom across the country. They also provide the best Youtube videos for you to educate about the stock market.

  • Daily Equity Calls
  • Free Demo
  • Live webinar

#11 Banknifty Masters

πŸ”—  https://t.me/NiftyFnOofficial

Banknifty Masters is the must-join telegram channel trusted by 60k followers. They try to help beginners and experienced traders for profits in their investments. 

They allow starting trading in the market with minimum capital. All Posts are shared by them for Education purposes and to share knowledge. 

  • Premium Membership
  • Data analysis
  • 1-2 free banknifty calls daily


πŸ”—  https://t.me/shreetechanalysis

The telegram channel SHREE TECH ANALYSIS provides trading ideas and setups based on their analysis. They also offer nifty and intraday calls in this group. However, they are not SEBI-registered and sometimes send promotional messages. 

To learn about price movement, you can get a good understanding from this group. You will get free premium service on opening a trading account through their link.

  • Daily 2-3 Calls Provided
  • Assured daily profit of 2k-10k
  • Accuracy 95%
  • Full Guidance and Support

Some Other Channels Name and their link are listed below:

Channel NameLink
Vijay Wealth ProviderStock Phoenixt.me/boomingbullsofficial
Stocktwits Indiat.me/stocktwitsindia
CapitalVia – Stocks | Nifty | Sensex | commodity | NSE | BSEt.me/CapitalVia
Stock Market & Tradingt.me/stockl
20PAISA.COM (Banknifty Option)t.me/Banknifty_specials
Navjot Brar Stock Analystt.me/NAVJOTBRAR911
π™‹π™π™Šπ™π™„π™ 𝙆𝙄𝙉𝙂 – π™Žπ™π™Šπ˜Ύπ™† π™ˆπ˜Όπ™π™†π™€π™t.me/share_marketindia
INTRADAY STOCKPRO – EQUITY CALLSt.me/Intraday_Stockpro_Equity_Calls
Stock talk – Technical analysist.me/stocktalkofficial
Best Bank Nifty Telegram Channels


This was your complete guide to the best telegram channel for Banknifty options trading. Make sure you do your research before investing in any of the Banknifty trading Telegram channels mentioned above. And always remember to trade responsibly!

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