50 Best Telegram Channels For Books Lovers in 2023!

Books are our best friends and one of the best means of education. In the old days, books were written by hand. The block printing system was later developed. 

Today we have a wide variety of E-books, which were made possible only by technology. They may be read on the modern kindle or on the computer. And books are also available in audio versions to hear an entire book being read aloud.

You can easily find these E-books and audiobooks on Telegram. Telegram channels provide all types of books like action, adventure, fiction, nonfiction, classics, comics, detective, horror, historical, graphical novels, mystery, science fiction, romance, educational, children’s, and many more. 

Here I am listing the most active Telegram channels for Best books.

1. 📚Books & Magazines

Click here: https://t.me/books_and_magazines

This Channel is special for ગજરાતી, हिन्दी, English Books & Magazines.

2. English Magazines | Books

Click here: https://t.me/English_Books_Novels_magazines

They provide Daily Free English Magazines!

3. Best Bookshelf

Click here: https://t.me/best_bookshelf

On our channel, you can free download the most popular fiction books in English.

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4. E-Books Non-fiction bestsellers

Click here: https://t.me/ebooksbusiness

E-Books, magazines, bestsellers, and novels about business, self-help, and much more.

5. Best Hindi books

Click here: https://t.me/best_seller_hindibook

Our mission is to ensure that everyone, everywhere, can get knowledge for free.

6. Bestselling Books

Click here: https://t.me/BestsellersList

Here you will get an E-books list from Bestsellers.

7. 44Books.com – Best Hindi Books Site 

Click here: https://t.me/hindibooks4u

In This Group,  you can find an ancient, oldest & amazing collection of Hindi books. These old books are very rare to find in modern shops.

Link for any complaint or suggestion: https://t.me/Kya_sath_le_jaoge

8. The best Radiology books

Click here: https://t.me/radiology_scripture

This group is created by a (neuro) radiologist, you find the best books here and you can legally purchase these books. 

9. Bestseller and motivational books

Click here: https://t.me/hindi_motivational_books

A collection of motivational books.


Click here: https://t.me/best_booksA

Here you will get all types of business books in English.


Click here: https://t.me/king_exchange_official_book

For Cricket Lovers the KING CRICKET BOOK channel is available on telegram. Must join it. 

Also Recommended:

 12. E – Books™

Click here: https://t.me/Upsc_Prelims_Quizss

Level up your UPSC CSE preparation with our App PrepLadder. Get access to NCERT summary, Video Lectures, Mock Tests, PYQs, and much more to crack UPSC CSE With Ease.

 13. Islamic Deeni And Historical Hindi & Urdu Books

Click here: https://t.me/islamicknowla

If you are looking for a channel for Islamic books then this channel is for you. They provide books in various languages like historical Hindi and Urdu.

 14. Novels Books Comics Pdf Free

Click here: https://t.me/novels_free_pdf

They provide free Pdf of novels, books, and comics.

For Hindi Comics – https://t.me/Pdf_Comics


Click here: https://t.me/comicshindiindian

They upload a series of all comic ebooks in Hindi & English.

 16. Hindi Novel & Comics

Click here: https://t.me/Hindi_Books_Magazines_Novels

All content is for educational purposes only.

 17. Horror central audiobooks

Click here: https://t.me/creepypastacentral

If someone like Horror stories then horror audiobooks are here. They provide a collection of creepypastas.

18. Book Shop Of Mystery and Suspense

Click here: https://t.me/bookshopofmysteryandsuspense

For books of mystery and suspense join this channel.

19. Cooking Books and Mags

Click here: https://t.me/CookingBooksandMags

Cooking is a very good hobby. This channel provides many cooking books and mags.

 20. Ebooks fantasy_romance books

Click here: https://t.me/bookworm2222

Fantasy, Romance books ❤️

 21. Romance Books ™

Click here: https://t.me/ereading_club

This group encourages people to interact with fellow readers. Requesting and talking about books.

 22. Forensic science books

Click here: https://t.me/forensic1471books

For forensic science books, Join us!

 23. Political Science Books

Click here: https://t.me/Politicalsciencebooks

Online Political Science lectures to build your Concept and Advance your  Career.

24. Computer Science Books

Click here: https://t.me/csbookread

You can find any reference book related to computer science.


Click here: https://t.me/abhishekbairwa913

All books related to biology or life science are available here.

 26. Movies & Books in English

Click here: https://t.me/I_love_english_online

The first channel with free movies, books, and audiobooks in English.

 27. Backup Channel (Movies, Books)

 Click here: https://t.me/moviebackups

In this channel, you will get links to all movies, study books, oscar movies, Ebooks pdf, and many more.

 28. English Entertainment (Cambridge Books) 

Click here: https://t.me/CambridgeBook

Everyone can find everything that they need to learn ENGLISH.

 29. eBooks – Self Help | Educational books

Click here: https://t.me/Ebooks_Encyclopedia27

Lose yourselves in the amazing world of books.

 30. B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) & CTET notes, files & books

Click here: https://t.me/haryanabed

  • B.Ed notes 
  • B.Ed practical files
  • B.Ed previous year’s question paper
  • TET notifications
  • CTET quiz and notes


Click here: https://t.me/nioj4ll

This channel provides all content like books, notes, and, pdfs of physical education.

 32. Educational Era

Click here: https://t.me/Handwritten_Notes_Books

Educational_Era is an official Telegram Channel that provides motivational books, railways exam books, and other important notes.

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 33. English Books for Children

Click here: https://t.me/English_Books_for_Children

Interesting books for children in English.

 34. Children’s English stories books/novels

Click here: https://t.me/jnventrancetest

If you are searching for English stories for children then join this group. Online coaching is also available.

35. Price Action Books PDF

Click here: https://t.me/priceaction008

Free PDFs of Price Action Books.

 36. Stock_market_books 📚

Click here: https://t.me/price_action_trading_books

Here we enhance our knowledge together for the better good. We gonna upload 10 books per day, support us for more.

 37. Classic Books

Click here: https://t.me/classiquelivres

It contains various interesting classic books for readers. The ebooks are uploaded on a regular basis.

 38. Audiobooks @Audiobookclassic

Click here: https://t.me/Audio_Books_English_PDF

List of Books Shared by Audiobooks classic!


Click here: https://t.me/audio_books_in_hindi

We provide Self-motivational, horrors, mystery, thrill, and romantic story audiobooks

Contact Admin @Study_GuruBot

 40. Cambridge IELTS books 1-15

Click here: https://t.me/Cambridge_Ielts_books_with_audio

If you join us you can use all the Cambridge and other useful IELTS books with audio.

 41. Audio Books Archive

Click here: https://t.me/AudiobooksArchive

💬 Contact us for any Queries – t.me/ABASupportBot

They share the Largest Audiobook collection on their Telegram channel.

 42. Hindi Audio Books

Click here: https://t.me/Hindi_Audio_Books

Get All Hindi Audio Books For Free, Audible, Audible Suno & More Episodes & Audio Books For Free So.. Join Fast.

43. Telugu AudioBooks 

Click here: https://t.me/Telugu_Audio_Books

Here you can get popular Telugu  Audiobooks and Podcasts.

  • Audiobooks (Novels, Stories, etc)
  • Radio Dramas
  • Podcasts

 44. English Books ™

Click here: https://t.me/Books_English_Download_PDF_Audio

Downloadable audio Pdfs of English books.


Click here: https://t.me/ncert_pdf_books

For queries @ajay_boudh

Download Free high-quality NCERT Books PDF (Hindi+English+Urdu Medium)


Click here: https://t.me/upsc_ncert_books_gs_csat_pdf

The best telegram book channel that provides books for UPSC at a common place so that preparation for the exam becomes easy.

 47. NCERT Audiobook Biology |Supplementary 

Click here: https://t.me/ncert_audiobook_biology

Here You will get audio of your NCERT Biology Book.

 48. Premium Ebooks and Audiobooks

Click here: https://t.me/premium_ebooks

Get all premium Ebooks and audiobooks for free.

49. Amazon kindle and ebooks – Audiobooks

Click here: https://t.me/amazonebook

Here you will get all Genre amazon Ebooks & Audiobooks free of any cost.

 50. English books for kids👼

Click here: https://t.me/booksforachild

An amazing telegram channel for kids where you can find all #interesting #entertaining #knowledgefull books for children. 

At The End

So, these are the best Telegram channels for books that provide free eBooks and related content. We hope you find this post helpful.

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